United Pet Club Pet passport and vaccine records

Premium Pet Passport

Adaptable to feature your veterinary practice or kennel.

The most meticulously crafted and expertly designed pet passport available on the market.
  • Pu leather
  • Multiple cover color options
  • Customizable
  • Comprehensive
About Pet Passports
Pet recovery Tags, dog Tag, Cat Tag, Animal Tag

Pet Recovery Tags

Reuniting lost pets with their owners.

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Qr pet recovery tag for cats and dogs
Qr pet recovery tag for cats and dogs
cat recovery tag, for cat recovery
Qr pet recovery tag for cats and dogs

Pet tags for cats and dogs and other species

combined with 24/7 available registry in animal recovery
  • Avauilable for sale for wholesale and retail
Premium Tags
  • Metal edge (extra durability)
  • Epoxy coated (extra durability)
  • Free registration
  • Affordable
Standard Tags
  • High visibility
  • Laser engraved (durability)
  • Free registration
  • Affordable
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  • Ship Wordwide
  • Standard, expedited and express shipping available
Available as combo package
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Protect your pet. Join our pet microchip registry

Discouver Our Pet Microchip and Tag Registry

24/7 Searchable

Searchable 24/7 365 days rom our website and by AAHA "American Animal Hospital Accosiation". all rescue, Shelters and professional use AAHA website for microchip lookup.

Free Registration

Free registration for life in our secure platform advanced AI search. *Optional upgrades available

Instant Notification.

Notification to the owner when lost animal is scanned and searched.

Our Platform

What does United Pet Club do!

United Pet Club's platform is designed to enhance the welfare of pets by facilitating connections between pet owners, breeders, veterinarians, geneticists, pet trainers, and other professionals in the pet industry. Our goal is to promote the wellbeing of pets by monitoring their behavior, diet, genetic information, and other factors that would aid our team and other researchers in identifying, diagnosing, and predicting potential issues, as well as determining the most effective practices for improving the lives of our beloved pets.

In addition to our core goal, we offer several other services, including:

  • Registering microchips to help find lost pets.
  • Alerting pet owners or veterinarians when animals from the same lineage develop medical issues, allowing for cautionary care for their pets.
  • Assisting in tracking pet weight and medical information that can be shared with veterinarians.
  • Keeping and tracking pet records, including those of newborn pets, and offering insight into their growth and potential need for supplements or extra care.
  • Providing forums where breeders can share knowledge with one another and create a resource for future reference.
  • Offering forums for veterinarians to share knowledge and provide help with pet medical issues.
  • Providing forums for pet behavior, training, allergies, food, and other related topics.
  • Assisting in finding reputable breeders, veterinarians, and trainers.
  • and many more useful features.


Breeding Software

Breeding Software + Pedigree Generator

Our breeder software is currently available to a select number of dog and cat breeders, and those interested in joining should apply by email. By using our breeder software, you'll have access to a range of features, including litter records, microchip tracking, questionnaires for new owners, contracts, health and vaccination records, DNA and pedigree displays, the ability to showcase your animal, pedigree, images and titles, and the option to transfer animal information to new owners after a sale. We are also planning to release additional features in the near future.

We aim to improve your breeding operations and promote animal welfare with our system, while also fostering a better relationship between breeders and new pet owners.

Breeder Recordkeeping Software

Breeder Record Keeping Software