United Pet Club Animal Microchips: A Trusted Standard in Pet Identification

United Pet Club Microchips

In the dynamic world of pet care, ensuring the safety and well-being of our furry companions is a top priority. Among the various advancements in pet identification technology, United Pet Club stands out as a trusted provider of microchips that meet the highest industry standards. With ISO certification, recognition from the International Committee for Animal Identification (ICAR), and the recognition of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), United Pet Club's microchips have become a benchmark for excellence in the field.

Why use United Pet Club Animal Microchips

ISO Certification: A Mark of Quality

United Pet Club's commitment to quality is underscored by its ISO certification. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sets globally recognized standards for various industries, ensuring that products and services meet rigorous criteria. United Pet Club's adherence to ISO standards demonstrates its dedication to producing reliable and effective microchips, providing pet owners with peace of mind regarding the quality and performance of their pet identification solution.

ICAR Certification: International Recognition

The International Committee for Animal Identification (ICAR) plays a crucial role in establishing and promoting global standards for animal identification. United Pet Club's microchips have earned certification from ICAR, a testament to the company's commitment to meeting international benchmarks. This recognition ensures that United Pet Club's microchips are not only reliable within the United States but also adhere to standards that facilitate global identification efforts.

AAHA Recognized: Recognized by Veterinary Professionals

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is a respected organization that sets standards for veterinary practices and services. United Pet Club's microchips have received the endorsement of AAHA, signifying the trust placed in these devices by veterinary professionals. Veterinarians, as frontline caretakers of pet health, recognize the importance of reliable identification, and the AAHA endorsement underscores United Pet Club's commitment to providing a superior product.

Preferred by Shelters, Rescues, and Kennels

United Pet Club's microchips have gained widespread acceptance among shelters, rescues, and kennels. These organizations, often at the forefront of reuniting lost pets with their owners, rely on the efficacy of microchips to streamline the identification and reunification process. The widespread adoption of United Pet Club's microchips within these critical sectors further attests to the product's reliability and effectiveness in real-world scenarios.​​​​​​​

Join us in supporting our mission: promoting animal wellness

All profits generated are dedicated to animal welfare. Our objective is to support rescue efforts, gather essential animal data for disease research, and offer informed guidance on animal behaviors. Every purchase made contributes to funding and propels us closer to achieving our mission.

Cost Savings + Professional Deals

We provide substantial discounts to professionals in the pet industry, enabling them to microchip animals without concerns about associated costs.​​​​​​​

Kennel Club Recognition

Our Microchips can be used by ISO compliamnt Kennel clubs such as AKC (American Kennel club), CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and many more.

Benefits of United Pet Club Animal Microchip for Pet Owners

For pet owners, the use of United Pet Club's microchips means more than just compliance with industry standards. It translates into peace of mind, knowing that their beloved companions are equipped with a reliable and internationally recognized form of identification. The seamless integration of these microchips into the global network ensures that, in the unfortunate event of a lost pet, the chances of a swift reunion are maximized.