About Canine Good Companion Program

The Canine Good Companion program offers a structured and comprehensive approach to dog training, designed to ensure both adult dogs and puppies become well-behaved members of society. Split into two levels, the program caters to the varying needs and developmental stages of dogs, from basic obedience to more advanced behaviors. By instilling proper training techniques, dogs enrolled in the program are not only better behaved but also more socially adaptable, making them ideal companions in various settings.

One of the notable benefits of the Canine Good Companion program is its ability to alleviate concerns for renters and landlords alike. Landlords often worry about allowing tenants with dogs due to potential property damage or noise disturbances. However, dogs who have completed this program are more likely to be welcomed by landlords, as they demonstrate good manners and obedience, thus minimizing the risk of property damage and disruption to neighbors. This facilitates a smoother rental process for dog owners and provides them with more housing options.

Moreover, the program extends its benefits beyond housing concerns, potentially impacting various aspects of a dog owner's life. From securing homeowner's insurance to fostering a stronger bond between owners and their furry companions, the Canine Good Companion program promotes responsible dog ownership and enhances the overall well-being of both dogs and their human counterparts. By investing in proper training and socialization, dog owners can enjoy a harmonious relationship with their pets while contributing positively to their community.

Get your dog certified with Canine Good Companion today and unlock a world of benefits for you and your furry friend!

Canine Good Companion Detail

United Pet Club has introduced the Canine Good Companion Certificate, split into two levels, to better cater to dogs' unique behaviors across different ages, ensuring a more tailored approach to their training and development.

Test Requirment
Level 1 - Puppy Certification
1- Sitting Politely for Petting by a Friendly Stranger The dog must demonstrate acceptance of a friendly stranger approaching and petting them. The dog should sit calmly while being petted by a stranger.
2- Appearance and Grooming The dog allows a stranger to examine their ears, paws, and body, demonstrating acceptance of grooming and handling.
3- Walking on a Loose Leash The dog walks calmly on a loose leash beside the handler without pulling or straining.
4- Walking Through a Crowd The dog maintains composure while walking through a small crowd, showing no signs of fear or aggression towards people.
5- Sit, Down, and Stay on Command The dog responds promptly to commands to sit, lie down, and stay in place for a short duration.
6- Coming When Called The dog comes when called by the handler from a short distance away.
7- Reaction to Another Dog The dog shows appropriate behavior when encountering another dog, such as ignoring or calmly greeting them.
8- Reaction to Distractions The dog remains focused and composed in the presence of distractions such as loud noises or moving objects.
9- Supervised Separation The dog can stay calmly with a trusted person for a brief period while the handler is out of sight.
10- Refraining from Jumping The dog should refrain from jumping up or displaying excessive excitement.
Level 2 - Adult Dog Certification
1- Extended Loose Leash Walking The dog walks on a loose leash for a longer duration in varied environments, demonstrating consistent obedience.
2- Off-Leash Reliability The dog responds reliably to commands such as sit, down, and stay while off-leash in a controlled environment.
3- Advanced Recall The dog reliably returns to the handler when called from a greater distance and in distracting environments.
4- Stay with Distractions The dog maintains a sit or down-stay position amidst distractions such as food, toys, or other dogs moving around.
5- Advanced Greeting The dog greets strangers politely, refraining from jumping up or displaying excessive excitement.
6- Controlled Exuberance The dog demonstrates self-control and calm behavior in situations that may typically elicit excitement, such as playtime or meeting new people.
7- Calmness in Public Places The dog remains calm and composed in public settings such as cafes, parks, or outdoor events, displaying appropriate behavior.
8- Advanced Socialization The dog interacts positively with a variety of people, including children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities, demonstrating adaptability and friendliness.
9- Good Behavior in Vehicles The dog rides calmly and quietly in a vehicle, showing no signs of anxiety or distress.
10- Relaxation Exercises The dog can settle down and relax on cue, demonstrating the ability to remain calm in different environments and situations.