Our Vision

For Pets Welfare


Our Goal

At United Pet Club, our vision is to enhance the welfare of animals by fostering a collaborative community of pet owners and pet professionals. We aim to gather comprehensive animal health and behavior information to drive impactful research, aiding in the diagnosis and prevention of diseases. By connecting pet owners with experts and utilizing advanced software and services, we strive to extend and enrich the lives of pets. Our secondary objective is to provide affordable essential pet products, including wheelchairs, heart Holter monitoring devices, pet recovery tags, passports, and microchips. Additionally, we offer programs such as Canine Good Companion, which encourages responsible pet ownership. Our commitment to continuous improvement is fueled by your valuable feedback, ensuring our system evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of the pet community. Together, we can create a future where every pet enjoys a longer, healthier, and happier life.